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We can help your business gain a competitive edge.
Work Automation:
Work Smarter Not Harder!   We can design and install unlimited solutions to give you a compeititive edge over your competitors.
We have designed and installed cutting edge systems large and small, from a 2500 seat new system for the Royal & Sun Alliance to a small but higly complex wireless system for 30 PC.s over 3 warehouses for JLT Computers Ltd..
We pride ourselves on delivering quality services and products at realistic prices.
Networking and IT Support Contracts
From as little as 10 per PC* per month we can offer a support contract that to fulfil your needs, acting as a dedicated IT Department for your business. This eliminates the requirement to hire IT staff.
IT and Communications Hardware
We can supply you with the IT products you need at competitive prices and help you make the most of your IT purchases at levels you would only expect from a world leading company, only without the extortionate number of 0's on the invoice
From multi location storage clusters for business to share important data and set access rights so staff can only view what they need to (i.e. can't see confidential information such as HR folders are hidden), to handy "key drives" with or without fingerprint recognition. If you need storage, no matter how big or small, your accounts team will be glad that you have spoken to us.
Wireless Networks (WiFi)
From single user networks to setting up local WiFi networks for your entire village/industrial estate, we can advise the best performing yet least maintenance hungry options for you.
Home Office Networking
We can design and install a secure network for your home office where you can connect to your business through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) giving you full access to all your files and folders.  Accounts packages such as Sage can be run whilst sitting at home or anywhere else that you choose (internet connection required).
From projectors to flat panel displays for both business and home, we can advise the best options to enhance your digital imaging and sound. This has been used in the past for keeping an eye on the FT index scrolling in the directors office or for example, on the sales floor keeping the sales team aware of key selling points, calls waiting or targets achieved per person for that day/week/month.
Networked Security Cameras through Your PC
View your security cameras securely through your PC at home. We can enable you to work at home and have full access to all your programs at work whilst keeping an eye on the security of your staff via your cameras.
This is also available for the home with the the ability to log in securely anywhere in the world (internet connection required).
Mobile Computing
We can even advise how to mobilise your work. Ever fancied working from the beach? How about on top of a mountain? Almost anything is possible, please call and tell us what you want to do and we will make it happen!
Website Development and Making the Most Out of the Internet
We can design and build a custom website for your business and advise how you can make the most out of the internet. This could be online marketing or cutting the costs of communications, calls etc. by using the equipment that you already have.
We have a "anything internet" policy. This means that if you want to do it, and it involves the internet, we can show you how. We have peerless technical knowledge serving the whole of Herefordshire. Our knowledge is your advantage.
All quotations are free with no obligations.
*Terms and conditions apply.
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