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Bullguard Anti Virus and Internet Security Partner for Herefordshire:
We are proud to be working with Europes leading anti virus vendor ...
Official Club-3D Partner of Choice for Herefordshire:
We have enhanced our european credibility by securing official partner status with leading multimedia add in board manufacturer Club-3D ...
Edimax Preferred Partner for Herefordshire:
Networking you together. Taiwanese networking and automation manufacturer, Edimax have recently appointed Momentum Automation as their preferred partner for Herefordshire and surrounding areas...
   The spotlight on new productuts and technologies
Slingbox Pro:
Slingmedia   is an innovative box of tricks that allows you to view your television channels from anywhere in the world with full access to your sky/cable subscription ...
Slingbox Product Review
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Case studies from the front line of technology
Case Study 1 - DJ Gary Werbisky:
Gary Werbisky, Controlled Confusion Podcast. We provide consultative IT services for one of the worlds fastest growing podcasts ...
 Home automation with a sense of humour - crazy ideas from around the globe!
Control EVERYTHING from your PC:
Vaughn Rupp, creator of vCrib has invented a truely awesome burglar deterrent using a computer based CCTV camera, controllable swivel/pan/tilt base and automatic air rifle. He controlls it through his computer, wherever he is in the world.
This is not allowed in UK, so please do not try this at home...
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