Complete Computer Solutions
Why choose us?  With almost ten years of industry leading experience we can advise and supply world class solutions like we have for some of Europe's largest computer companies...
 CCTV Through your P.C.
 Mobile Computing
 Email and Network Servers Software Auditing
 Work Smarter Not Harder!
Work Automation:
Solutions for Business  We can design, install and configure unlimited solutions to make your business work smarter, not harder.

We have designed and installed cutting edge systems large and small, from a 2500 seat ...

Control your Work from Home
Mobile Sales Force with Email and Internet
Industry Leading IT Support and Networking
   Online Protection from Virus' and Intruders
Internet Security and Anti-Virus:
Protect yourself and your identity!  

In this day and age, computers form an integral part of daily life from business use to social networking. It is no doubt, important to have a secure and well maintained computer even if it is only used at home.

Keeping your PC and its contents private and secure is more important than ever before, especially with identity theft and other potential threats from the internet on the increase.

Momentum Automation can give you piece of mind with some of the leading security secrets from within the IT industry, providing you with security software that will protect and update automatically....

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